Rules for the submission, review and publication of the articles

Rules for the submission, review and publication of the articles


for the submission, review and publication of the articles

These rules establish the procedure for sending, reviewing and publishing scientific articles in the scientific journal of a Religious organization – the spiritual educational organization of higher education “Orenburg Theological Seminary of the Orenburg Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church” – “Bulletin of the Orenburg Theological Seminary”.

1. General conditions of publication

1.1. Manuscripts of original articles that have not been published before and are not under consideration in other printed publications are accepted for consideration. The author is responsible for the content of the article.

1.2. By submitting articles to the Bulletin of the Orenburg Theological Seminary, the authors automatically agree to the placement of their journal publications on the Internet after the publication of the printed version of the journal.

1.3. The official page of the Bulletin is on the website of the Orenburg Theological Seminary ( ).

1.4. The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index, full-text versions of articles are freely available on its website ( ), as well as in other databases.

1.5. The fee for publications is not paid.

1.6. There is no fee for the publication of manuscripts. The preparation of the article for publication is free of charge.

1.7. The article should be an independent study on a topic related to Theology (Divinity), Religion, Religious Education, issues of faith, related topics, and meet the criteria of scientific relevance and novelty.

1.8. The article should be written in a literary language and meet the level of general academic requirements (reasonableness, structure, consistency, coherence).

2. Verification by the Combating Plagiarism system

2.1. The article presented by the author is being checked for the presence of incorrect borrowings in the Combating Plagiarism system ( ).

2.2. The originality of the article should be at least 70% (you can check it on the website: ).

2.3. The presence of incorrectly designed quotations from other works in the text of the article, attempts to “bypass” the Combating Plagiarism system, artificially increase originality may be the reason for refusal to publish the material.

3. Procedure for sending articles

3.1. The scientific journal “Bulletin of the Orenburg Theological Seminary” accepts for publication research on the subject of the journal according to the Order of referral, review and publication of articles and the corresponding Rules for the design of articles.

3.2. Articles should be sent to the email address Other actions related to the publication process of the article are carried out through this e-mail: receiving information about the results of reviewing the article and the comments of the reviewers.

3.3. Before sending the article, it is necessary to submit it for verification to a specialist in the field of knowledge in which the article was prepared, as well as to a philologist.

3.4. After receiving the materials, the Editorial Board sends the author a confirmation of receipt, the sent material is sent for review.

4. Procedure for reviewing articles

4.1. According to the decision of the Editorial Board of the journal, the article submitted by the author undergoes mandatory double-blind review. The approximate review period is 30-60 calendar days.

4.2. The reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials who have published on the subject of the reviewed article within the last 3 years.

4.3. The reviews are intended for internal use only. The identity of the reviewers is not disclosed to the authors.

4.4. Based on the reviews received, the editorial board either accepts the article for publication in the journal, or sends the article to the author for revision with the prospect of subsequent publication, or refuses publication.

4.5. Reviews, either with a notification of acceptance of the article for publication, or with a proposal to finalize the article, or with a reasoned refusal to publish, are sent to the author by e-mail, and also, if desired, are sent in the form of a certified hard copy / letter.

4.6. In case of significant contradictions in the reviews received, the Editorial Board reserves the right to send the article to another reviewer/reviewers of its choice.

4.7. In case of significant contradictions based on the results of repeated review, the Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse publication of the article in the journal.

4.8. In case of refusal to publish an article, the Editorial Board of the journal does not enter into discussions with the authors.

4.9. Reviews of all articles submitted by the authors are stored in the editorial office of the journal in electronic and/or printed form for 5 (five) years. The Editorial Board undertakes to send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request to the editorial office of the publication.

4.10. The Editorial Board reserves the right to determine the order of publication of articles and make corrections. In some cases, the edits are agreed with the author.

5. Procedure for publishing articles

5.1. Scientific articles prepared in accordance with the Rules for the design of articles that have been reviewed, after proofreading, are published in the next issue of the Bulletin.

5.2. The authors receive the electronic version of the journal by e-mail. 5.3. Within 30 calendar days, full-text versions of articles are posted on the website of the Russian scientific electronic library integrated with the Russian Science Citation Index – .